Catizens.com is a site built by cat owners for cat owners. Our goal is to offer guidance and help to fellow cat enthusiasts looking to ensure the health and well-being of their feline friends.

The posts on this site are broken down into four main categories that encompass some of the most important aspects relating to cat care: behavior, diet/nutrition, health and cat accessories.

Team Catizens

Catizens is run by mother and daughter writing combo, Elaine and Deborah. Both are experienced owners who’ve nurtured, nursed and cared for a variety of cats at various stages of their lives.

While both are animal lovers, the cat is where it’s at for these doting feline fanatics.

Elaine and Deborah are assisted by son and brother, Dale. Between working on his numerous other online projects, Dale manages the Catizens website.

Deborah Hughes

Debbie’s obsession with our feline friends began with Poppy and Daisy. Previously, she owned an English Springer Spaniel before making the cross-over in the early 2000s. The two black-and-white moggies have very different personalities.

The standoff-ish Daisy is most cetainly not a lap-cat, preferring instead to keep her own company (when not hungry), most of the time under the stairs or in the upstairs laundry basket.

Poppy on the other hand demands attention and spends most of her time reclining on the dining table or roaming accross the countertops.

Poppy and Daisy share their home with a decidedly kooky Labradoodle named Rosie (can you see a pattern here).

It’s fair to say that their relationship is an uneasy one, with both cats quite taken with swatting Rosie as she bounds by. Suffice to say that Poppy and Daisy rule the roost in Deb’s home!

Elaine Brown

Elaine has a particular fondness for Siamese cats. She acquired her first, a Blue Point, in the mid-1970s.

Aloof and nonchalant, Toby became something of a fixture in the Brown residence for the next decade or so.

Following his passing, Elaine adopted another, also naming it Toby. Sadly, Toby the Second met a mysterious and premature end.

So distraught was Elaine that she decided a pet dog might be a better option. Thus, Joey the Border Collie became the next addition to the family and remained a much-loved family member for the next 15 years. After Joey came Topsy and Tim.

Tim was an enormous ginger cat with a high-pitched call, while Topsy was a tiny but fierce tortoise-shell. Both were the result of a daliance between a Maine Coon and a maruading Tabby of unknown origin.

The two enjoyed long and happy lives with Topsy, the runt of the litter, outliving all of her siblings.

Our Content

The content that you’ll find on Catizens.com has been composed by two cat owners who’ve gained considerable experience in the area of cat care.

Our aim is to provide answers and advice for owners to questions relating to their cat’s health and well-being. However, we certainly don’t claim to know it all.

Therefore, where necessary, our posts are supplemented with additional information that’s gathered from highly-respected sources within the pet and cat care niches.

So you can rest assured that the content is the result of not only hands-on experience but detailed academic-level research.

However, its important to keep in mind that although Catizens is a website built and maintained by cat enthusiasts, the content is purely informational.

It should never be considered as an alternative to or substitute for professional veterinarian guidance.

As we continually stress throughout the site, any queries relating to your pet’s health should always be directed to a vets practice, preferably one that’s accredited by the AVMA.