Are Siamese Cats Happier in Pairs?

An elegant and striking breed, Siamese cats are renowned for their beauty, intelligence and unmistakable vocalizations.

And because of their needy personalities, prospective owners and enthusiasts often wonder if Siamese cats are actually better in pairs.

Simply put, yes. Siamese cats are rather clingy and do not appreciate being left alone for extended periods.

Being in the company of another Siamese cat or household pet will make them a lot happier when their primary caregiver isn’t around.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind this behavior.

Understanding the Social Nature of Siamese Cats

As well as being aesthetically beautiful, the personalities and behavioral traits of Siamese felines is what also sets them apart from other breeds.

Indeed, they’re not just pretty faces. They’re also highly sociable as has been established in numerous academic studies.

The Need for Companionship

Unlike most other feline breeds, Siamese cats thrive on interaction.

They form strong bonds with their human caregivers, often following them around like little shadows.

They enjoy playing, often imparting a melody of meows to their owners and cuddling up close.

Because of these traits, Siamese felines are often described as being ‘dog like’ in their personalities.

Siamese Cat

As a result of this sociability, they’d don’t like being left alone for long periods and are known to exhibit signs of separation anxiety when they are.

This craving for companionship extends to other cats as well.

Siamese cats often enjoy the company of their fellow felines, making them good candidates for multi-cat households.

Having a companion provides them with a playmate and a partner-in-crime for when their human companions are away.

Benefits of Owning Two Siamese Cats

From combating loneliness to encouraging active play, let’s explore the benefits of owning two Siamese cats.

Prevents Loneliness and Depression

Owning Siamese cats in pairs provides a sense of companionship between both felines.

The comfort and reassurance that arises from constant interaction can potentially mitigate separation anxiety and even depression.

Encourages Play and Mental Stimulation

Given the breed’s playful and adventurous nature, it makes sense to add another Siamese playmate into the fold that shares a similar disposition.

Being able to play satisfies cats’ hunting instincts while providing much-needed mental stimulation, not to mention physical exercise.

Siamese Kittens

Promotes Better Behavior

Siamese cats in pairs often engage in mutual grooming – a behavior that not only promotes cleanliness but also strengthens social bonds.

Additionally, feline companionship may help to curb destructive behaviors often linked to boredom or anxiety, such as spraying and scratching.

This obviously makes for happier cats and owners.

Challenges of Owning Two Siamese Cats

While there are undeniable benefits of pairing Siamese felines, there are going to be some challenges when caring for multiple Siamese cats.

Extra Responsibility and Care

The first thing to note is that owning two cats involves twice the responsibility.

Obviously, you’ll need to double the feeding, double the grooming and double the cuddle time – remember that Siamese cats require a lot of attention!

Then you’ve got veterinarian care to consider.

Potential Territorial Behavior and Conflict

While Siamese cats are highly-sociable, there may be instances of territorial disputes.

Conflicts and power struggles are not uncommon, even when it comes to Siamese cat behavior.

Nonetheless, these issues can usually be mitigated with proper management.

Siamese Cat on Fence

Financial Implications

Owning two Siamese cats also means twice the financial commitment.

You’ll need to spend more on food, grooming, healthcare, insurance and other necessities such as toys or scratching posts.

So it’s very important to ensure you’re financially prepared to provide for two cats, before deciding to bring another Siamese cat into your home.

Bear in mind too, that pure-bred Siamese cats are not cheap. Expect to pay anything in the region of $600 to $1500 per feline.

Choosing the Right Pair of Siamese Cats

Deciding to adopt a pair of Siamese cats is just the first step. The next is to determine the best match.

Much like people, cats have individual preferences and temperaments which need to be into account when pairing.

Here are some additional things to consider in respect of Siamese cat pairing.

Age and Personality of Each Cat

While kittens often adapt more easily to new companions, adult cats may require more time and patience during introductions.

So consider adopting two kittens.  While pairing an older cat with a younger can sometimes work, you’ll need to observe initial interactions very carefully.

Matching Personalities

Just like in many other animal species, some cats tend to be more dominant, while others are more submissive.

A dominant cat may try to claim certain territories or resources within your home.

Siamese Kittens

Pairing a very dominant cat with a very submissive one may create an imbalance, with the dominant cat potentially bullying the other.

But pairing two dominant cats can also lead to conflict.

You should therefore try to find a pair of Siamese cats with complementary personalities.

Your breeder should be able to provide some really valuable insights here.

Gradual Introductions are Key

If you’re considering introducing a new Siamese cat into your home, don’t just put the two of them together immediately and hope for the best.

Siamese cat socialization is a delicate task that requires patience and care.

Start by keeping them in separate spaces and gradually introduce the scent of the new cat to your existing cat, and vice versa.

This could be done by swapping bedding or using a soft cloth to rub each cat and then placing it with the other cat.

Make sure you’re present during the first few interactions to ensure they go smoothly.

Encourage friendly interactions by rewarding both cats with treats or praise when they behave well around each other.

For information on this subject, read our comprehensive guide on introducing two cats.

Final Thoughts

Siamese cat pairing can be a great option for both pet and owner.

These charming felines have a way of becoming beloved members of the family rather quickly.

Owning a pair of Siamese cats isn’t without its challenges of course.

It involves double the responsibility and may require additional time, effort and resources to ensure both cats are happy and healthy.

Yet, for many, these challenges are significantly outweighed by the rewards of seeing their cats bond, while having the company of these wonderful animals.

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