Are Siamese Cats More Vocal Than Other Felines?

Siamese cats are renowned for their appearance, as well as the frequency of their communications. But how vocal are they in comparison to other breeds?

Do Siamese Cats Meow More Than Other Cats?

As well as being highly intelligent, Siamese cats are more vocal than other cats. In fact, so vocal are these beautiful felines that they’re not averse to making their presence felt morning, noon and night.

Their distinctive call, which is known as a ‘meezer’, sounds a lot like a baby crying in its tone.

Siamese chatter sn’t to everybody’s liking of course. Nevertheless, it’s one of the breed’s main behavioral characteristics.

If you’re thinking of adopting a Siamese cat, this is certainly something worth keeping in mind, especially if you’re noise sensitive.

Are All Siamese Cats Talkative?

There are four types of Siamese cats: Blue Point, Seal Point, Chocolate Point and Lilac Point – ALL of them are talkative!

Whether they’re imparting their opinions about their food, surroundings or random critters in the garden, you’re going to know about it if you’re nearby.

Why Do Siamese Cats Meow So Much?

So why are Siamese so noisy? Well, it’s all about genetics. Just like certain cat breeds are aloof, Siamese cats are very vocal.

Remember that most cats verbally communicate their desire for basic needs such as feeding, or being let out.

But it seems that Siamese cats have a few more triggers than other felines. Like any breed, it’s important to understand what’s behind the meows, chirps, and trills.

Here’s a list of common breed-specific traits, followed by more information about each.

Breed-Specific Traits

  • Highly Sociable
  • Attention Seekers
  • Companionship Cravers

They’re Highly Sociable

Siamese cats have been domesticated longer than most other feline breeds. In fact, they’ve lived with human beings for hundreds of years.

The length of domesticity can have a big impact on the interactions that pets have with humans. Take dogs for instance.

Man’s best friend has been domesticated much longer than most cat breeds and tends to be more sociable

As a result, most canines have lost many of the instincts that helped them survive in the wild, such as hunting and have become far more attuned to the behaviors of people.

It’s no surprise then, that many experts see behavioral similarities between Siamese cats and dogs.

Like their canine counterparts, Siamese cats are extremely sociable and form very strong bonds with their owners.

This isn’t always the case with cats who’ll often appear aloof and undemonstrative.

But the sociability of Siamese cats causes them to communicate more often with us.

They’re Attention Seekers

The frequency with which Siamese cats air their opinions is also heavily influenced by the fact that they’re extroverted.

Like human extroverts, they’re going to want your undivided attention and will do what they can to get it.

Ignore a Siamese cat and he’ll let you know about it.

For instance, our first Siamese cat, Toby did not like being left to his own devices for very long.

Without sufficient attention, he’d meow loudly and then jump on top of our large 80s television set.

He’d then sit with his back to us, swishing his tail in front of the screen until he got what he wanted.

Siamese Cat

They’re Companionship Cravers

Because they like being around people, it follows that Siamese are going to use their impressive vocal cords if they feel lonely or neglected.

In fact, they can gets really stressed if they’re left alone too long. This is why a lot of owners adopt a feline companion.

Why Do Siamese Cats Meow at Night?

Given how sociable these cats are, night time isn’t going to be all that stimulating for them.

Everybody is probably sleeping so there’ll be nobody to interact with.

Thus, boredom and loneliness may take hold. It could also be that your Siamese cat is hungry or wants to go out – the latter might certainly be the case if you own a tom that’s in heat.

When You Should Be Concerned

Although meowing isn’t usually an issue, there are times when it might indicate a medical problem. The importance here is to recognise the signals.

Litter Box Issues

If your cat meows or yowls when trying to use the litter box, it could be a sign that he’s suffering from a urinary tract infection. Diaorrea or constipation may also be potential causes.

Unusual Posture or Gait

Should your cat have an unusual posture or find it difficult to stand/walk, it’s possible that he’s suffering from arthritis or an injury.

Elderly Cat

Elderly cats often meow excessively due to disorientation. This can be extremely frustrating for a senior feline. If you leave the house, you might want to leave a light on.

If you think the meowing is excessive, call your vet and don’t try to play Doctor!

How Do You Keep a Siamese Cat Quiet?

The best way to keep a Siamese cat quiet is to try and satisfy his needs.

The first step is to make sure he’s got enough food and water. If he’s standing next to the door, let him out.

If you think he’s feeling lonely, take time out of your day to play with him and show some affection.

Final Thoughts

Remember that Siamese cats are not usually aloof. Like dogs, they require plenty of love and lots of attention.

If you lead a busy life or of away from home a lot, consider finding him a companion pet.

And keep in mind that your cat’s happiness depends on the kind of environment you provide.

Keep your home as comfortable and as free of stress as is possible.

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