Putting a Cat On a Diet in a Multi-Cat Household

To ensure your cat’s health and well-being, it’s obviously important for your cat to be at his recommended weight.

And implementing a diet plan is usually relatively straightforward unless that is you own multiple cats!

If this describes your situation, you’ll need to do some planning.

So how do you limit or change your cat’s food in a house populated by multiple felines?

How to Put a Cat On a Diet When You Have Two Cats (Or More)

Putting a cat on a diet when you have two cats or more, requires you to stop free-choice feeding.

Instead, set up a feeding schedule and consider separating the cats during feeding times.

You might also consider purchasing a microchip cat door, or automatic feeder so that only the dieting cat has access to his food.

Let’s explore these options in a little more depth.

Put an End to Free Choice Feeding

You should stop free-choice feeding if you’re putting one of your cats on a diet.

Although a great way to ensure that your cats never go hungry, this feeding method is notorious for causing weight-gain.

Also keep in mind that your dieting cat will have constant access to food – not great for weight-loss.

Therefore, put in place a feeding schedule for all of your felines.


Scheduled Feeding

Scheduled feeding really is the best way to successfully implement a special feline diet.

You’ll be able to keep track of what your dieting cat eats while controlling his food intake

And it’s particularly effective in multi-cat households.

In setting up a schedule, ensure that your cats feed at different times.

This will allow the dieting cat to eat without being hindered by the other resident felines.

While it’s possible to do this in the same room, be vigilant during the dieter’s mealtime – especially if he’s not the dominant cat.

If this is the case, feeding in isolation may be necessary.

Separate the Cats

If you reel that isolation is required, create some sort of partition or barrier during mealtimes.

Alternatively, consider feeding your cats in completely separate rooms.

Another way to ensure separation is to invest in a microchip cat flap.

The technology behind microchip cat doors enables you to control which cat has indoor access and at what time.

Use a Microchip Cat Feeder

Microchip cat feeders are a very useful option here. Like microchip cat flaps, they can be programmed to grant access to specific cats

Basically, the feeder detects your cat’s unique microchip number allowing him to eat when he chooses.

This is a great way to make sure that only your dieting cat has access to his food.

Use a Smart Feeder

Smart feeders are another option. They allow you to schedule mealtimes as well as portion sizes.

In terms of dieting in a multi-cat household, it would be advisable to invest in one that includes a camera.

That way, you could check to see which cat was standing before the feeder before distributing the food.

Video – How to Feed Multiple Cats Different Diets

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