Are Cat Strollers Worth the Money?

Cat strollers, a relatively new introduction to the pet care market, have been gaining popularity among pet owners in recent years.

Similar to baby strollers, albeit with features tailored to the needs of pets, these specialized carriers have sparked plenty of debate among the cat owner fraternity.

Some view cat stroller as useful pet accessories, while others consider them to be an unnecessary indulgence.

So what’s the truth? Are cat strollers worth it?

Let’s evaluate the key benefits and drawbacks of cat strollers before detailing some of the top brands.

With any luck, you’ll be able to decide if a cat stroller is actually worth your money in the long run.

Benefits of Cat Strollers

The most obvious benefits are using a cat stroller include:

  • Mobility for Cats with Disabilities/Health Issues
  • Provides a Safe Introduction to the Outdoors
  • Easy Transportation/Convenience
  • Mental Stimulation

Mobility for Cats with Disabilities/Health Issues

A lot of people ask if it’s good to walk cats in a stroller.

And in some cases, the answer is yes. Strollers can certainly be of benefit to cats with mobility issues including elderly, disabled or injured cats.

For one thing, a cat stroller allows senior felines to enjoy the outdoors without putting undue stress on their joints or causing discomfort.

This is especially useful for those with arthritis – a condition known to make walking and other physical activity painful.

It’s the same for cats with injuries or disabilities who may have difficulty walking or navigating their environment.

The stroller provides a comfortable, safe and secure way for a disabled feline to experience the outdoors while minimizing the risk of injury.

Provides a Safe Introduction to the Outdoors

Introducing young or indoor cats to the outdoors is often part and parcel of being a cat owner.

Although important, it can prove stressful for both owner and cat. There’s also the risk of a cat escaping and/or injury.

Cat strollers can prove extremely useful in such as scenario by providing a controlled and secure environment.

The gradual exposure to new stimuli, such as different scents, sights, and sounds can help reduce anxiety and make the transition to the outdoors much smoother.

Easy Transportation/Convenience

Cat strollers offer a convenient and comfortable method of transportation for owners, eliminating the need to carry a large cat carrier.

They’re easy to move around and offer much more space than your typical cat box.

Mental Stimulation

Being exposed regularly to new environments can be important for your cat’s mental well-being.

While this doesn’t necessarily apply to outdoor cats, for indoor cats, being in a stroller provides an opportunity to be outside while in a safe and secure environment.

Potential Drawbacks

Cat strollers do however have their fair share of drawbacks worth considering.

  • Not Suitable for All Cats
  • Storage and Portability
  • Additional Expense
  • Limited Exercise

Not Suitable for All Cats

Some cats are just not going to feel comfortable in a stroller due to the confined space and will become stressed and anxious.

You may also find that your cat will try to escape.

Much here is going to depend on individual temperament and also previous experience.

So its essential that you introduce your cat to a stroller at home or in a safe environment before embarking on your journey.

Storage and Portability

Like prams, cat strollers ten to be bulky, requiring more storage space than a cat carrier.

While many models of foldable, they still require a lot of room, especially with regards to trunk space.

They’re also not suitable for carrying up and down steps.


Cat strollers can be expensive. Although there are budget-friendly options, expect to pay more for more durable, feature-rich models.

Price will depend on brand, the materials used, extra features and overall design.

Budget-friendly models start at around $40. Higher-end models with better build quality can cost $200 or more.

Limited Exercise

Cat strollers provide limited exercise for cats – after all they primarily serve as a means of transporting a cat safely and securely.

It’s certainly true that a stroller allows a cat to experience the outdoors and benefit from mental stimulation.

But it doesn’t provide the same level of physical activity as other forms of exercise, such as walking on a leash, playing with toys or exploring a safe outdoor environment.

What to Look for in a Cat Stroller

If you’re determined to purchase a cat stroller, there are a couple of things to look out for.

Size and Weight Capacity

Choose a stroller that’s appropriately sized for your cat, with enough space for him to move around comfortably.

Ensure the stroller’s weight capacity is enough to provide adequate support and stability.


Look for a stroller with a comfortable and well-ventilated interior.

This may include features like cushioning, padding and breathable mesh windows or panels.

This will help keep your cat comfortable and potentially stress-free during outings.

Durability and Build Quality

Opt for a stroller made from high-quality materials and sturdy construction to ensure it lasts and can withstand regular use.

Also pay attention to the durability of the frame, wheels and fabric.


Consider the stroller’s wheel design, size and suspension system. These can have a big impact with regards to maneuverability on different terrains and tight spaces.

Swivel front wheels, larger rear wheels and suspension systems can improve the stroller’s ability to navigate various surfaces and obstacles.

Portability and Storage

Look for a foldable stroller – they’re going to be easier to store and transport.

Be sure to check how compact the stroller is when folded and take measurements to see if it can fit in your car’s trunk.

You should also check the weight. Carrying a heavy cat stroller up and down steps is going to be a major drag.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Strollers with removable and washable fabric components as well as easy-to-clean surfaces, will simplify maintenance and help ensure cleanliness.

Additional Features

The more expensive cat strollers often have additional features such as cup holders, larger canopies and extra storage compartments.

Carefully consider which, if any of these features, are going to be important to both you and your cat.

Reviews and Recommendations

Read customer reviews and seek recommendations from friends, family or online forums to get insights into the performance and durability of the different cat stroller models.

Leading Cat Stroller Brands

Some of the leading brands of cat strollers in the US include:

Pet Gear – Pet Gear is known for its quality pet products, including a wide range of cat strollers with various designs and features. Their strollers often include features like no-zip entry, air-inflated tires and multiple size options.

Paws & Pals – Paws & Pals cat strollers are affordable and functional. Although in the budget range, their strollers are known for their maneuverability and ease of use. Three and four-wheel options are available.

BestPet – BestPet specialize in mid-range cat strollers. Features include multi-functionality, storage compartments, safety brakes and multiple access points.

HPZ Pet Rover – HPZ Pet Rover is a brand that offers premium cat strollers with advanced features, such as sturdy frames, all-terrain wheels and spacious interiors. Their strollers often focus on durability and comfort.

Vivo – Vivo’s cat strollers come in a variety of designs and colors, offering a balance of affordability and functionality. Their strollers are known for their easy-to-use features and lightweight designs.

Highly-Rated Cat Strollers

Conclusion – Are Pet Strollers Worth It?

As we’ve seen, cat strollers can provide numerous benefits including enhanced mobility, safe exploration and mental stimulation.

But they may not be suitable for every cat or pet owner due to space, maintenance and individual cat temperament.

To decide, you’ll need to carefully weigh the pros and cons and considering your cat’s unique needs.

Hopefully, this article will have helped!

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