Cat Carriers for Nervous Cats

A cat carrier is an important piece of kit for any cat owner.

Built specifically for transit, they’ll keep your pet safe and secure during the journey.

But what do you do if your cat isn’t all that keen on being placed in one?

Some owners opt for alternative products such as cat strollers.

But this isn’t always necessarily, given that many cat carriers are created with reluctant feline travellers firmly in mind.

This article features 10 of the best cat carriers for cats who hate carriers.

Before we take a look at these, let’s consider why some cats loathe these transportation boxes.

Why Do Some Cats Hate Cat Carriers?

A lot of cats have a negative association with cat carriers due to past experiences.

They may have been taken from their home in one or confined to a carrier when young and unable to move around freely.

Then there are cats that associate carriers with a visit to the vets – a stressful occasion for most felines.

Other cats just aren’t used to being in one and/or don’t like being in confined spaces. especially when it comes to long car journeys.

Buying a Carrier for a Nervous Cat – Criteria

As an owner, there are times when you’re going to have to use a cat carrier. So the only option is to find one that will make your cat feel as comfortable as possible.

The following is a set of criteria that you should consider during the purchasing process. All of the cat carriers listed below meet these to varying degrees.


You’ll want your cat do have enough room to at least lie down.

With that said, you don’t want the carrier to be too big otherwise your pet may slide about. The key is to find the right balance.

Multiple Entry Points

Cat carriers with multiple entry points are recommended.

Top entry cat carriers in particular make it easier for you to put your cat in – useful for defiant felines who’ll do all they can to avoid being placed in hon. You’ll obviously want a carrier with a front entry point too.

Durable Material

A cat carrier made from durable material is important, especially if your cat becomes aggressive during transit.

Should you use a cat carrier regularly, you’ll want one that’s built to last as well.


A well-ventilated carrier will keep your cat cool during travel, which in turn can make the experience less stressful, less claustrophobic and therefore more comfortable.


Although not a regular feature in all cat carriers, those with skid-resistant floors are highly recommended.

As the name indicates, this feature prevents your cat from sliding about during transit.

Types of Cat Carriers

The most common types of cat carriers are soft-sided and hard-sided carriers.

When it comes to reluctant feline travellers, both types have their own benefits and drawbacks.

So it’s worth understanding which one will work best for your cat’s needs before making a purchase.

Soft Cat Carriers

This type of carrier is typically made from fabric or mesh with zippers and pockets that can be used for carrying small items like toys, treats, food and water bowls.

They’re preferred by a lot of cat owners because of their portability. It’s also possible to buy extendable versions that dramatically increase the space for your cat.

However, they can be quite difficult to clean. The materials used in their construction, although relatively strong, can also be vulnerable should your cat take fright from being confined.


  • Tend to Have Excellent Ventilation
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Most Models Can be Folded Away
  • Tend to Offer High Visibility
  • Extendable Versions Have Loads of Space


  • Difficult to Clean
  • Can Be Vulnerable to Spooked Cats

Hard-Sided Cat Carriers

Hard-sided cat carriers are known for their sturdiness and durability, as well as the ability to contain a larger load.

They’re also very easy to clean. Although most models aren’t as well-ventilated as soft-sided carriers, air circulation is usually adequate for most cats.

It’s also possible to buy larger models if you’re looking for space.

Should you go down this route though, skid resistant floors are a good idea.

In terms of downsides, the hard surfaces can be uncomfortable for nervous cats, especially during the bumps and jolts of transit.


  • Very Strong and Durable
  • Adequate Ventilation
  • Best Models Feature Multiple Entry Points
  • Easy to Clean


  • Hard Surfaces Not Always Suitable for Nervous Cats
  • Not as Spacious as Extendable Carriers
  • Some Models are Quite Heavy

Five Highly-Rated Carriers for Nervous Cats

OK, so here’s our list of the top 10 best cat carriers for cats who hate carriers.

We’ve based our decisions on the criteria listed above. But bear in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive. Right, here goes.

Catit Cabrio
The Catit Cabrio is a great solution for cats that aren’t massively keen on carriers. It’s designed to keep your cat safe and comfortable and it’s made with a durable, lightweight material that’s easy to clean. The innovative, skid-resistant floor prevents your cat from sliding so that he stays in one spot, thus ensuring a more comfortable ride. It’s also very well ventilated.

Key Selling Points

  • conventional seatbelt can be used
  • converts into a cat bed
  • one-hand locking mechanism
  • complete ventilation
  • skid-resistant floor

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Ferplast Atlas 30 Open
The Ferplast Atlas Open is a durable cat carrier featuring dual entry points. The upper part can be opened easily and promotes better air circulation and visibility, Its also very sturdy and secure thanks to a snapping side hook mechanism. Easy to assemble and available in three sizes, this carrier includes a washable cotton cushion and food bowl.

Key Selling Points

  • sturdy, ergonomic handle
  • side fissures that promote air circulation
  • door is crated in plastic-coated steel
  • secure and comfortable
  • easy to assemble and take apart

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Morpilot Pet Carrier Bag
The Morpilot is a portable pet bag made from durable materials that can be easily cleaned with a soft brush. It features breathable mesh on the top and sides that allows for great visibility and excellent ventilation. There is also a small support board inside the bag that provides good stability while supporting the bag’s shape. Also included is a soft cushion and folding blue bow.

Key Selling Points

  • made from durable materials
  • lightweight
  • excellent ventilation and air circulation
  • portable
  • removable soft cushion

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Meowant Expandable Cat Carrier
A great carrier for the nervous cat that boasts plenty of space – the three-compartment design allows your pet to stand up and turn around without being cramped. Standout features include a padded bottom, wide openings for egress and five-sided mesh windows that allow for air flow and circulation. It’s also foldable which means its very easy to store.

Key Selling Points

  • plenty of space
  • sturdy in design
  • padded bottom
  • great air circulation
  • multiple entry points

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Siivton Expandable Pet Carrier
The Siivton top opening pet carrier has multiple entry points and has mesh panels for maximum airflow. There are zippers on the top and side of the carrier making for easy placement of your reluctant cat. Made from a durable and waterproof material that can be wiped clean, this excellent carrier has four panels that can be folded out, offering plenty of room for your cat to stretch out during transit.

Key Selling Points

  • four-way expansion
  • loads of space
  • mesh windows for high visibility
  • excellent air-flow
  • durable materials

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